An economic and health crisis

The evidences are increasingly converging towards the observation that the socio-economic impacts of this crisis will be significant for the Congolese populations.

The health crisis

The epidemiological situation as well as the measures taken by the country's authorities to counter the negative impacts of this pandemic are listed on the official information website of the Ministry of Health

The social and economical crisis

The International Monetary Fund is forecasting a 2.2% contraction in Congolese economic activity. This forecast comes at a time when the national macroeconomic landscape is already turbulent, leading the country's leaders to turn to this institution, from the end of 2019, to obtain a rapid credit facility as part of a forthcoming reform programme.

It is in this context that the country's government must simultaneously combat the health crisis and seek solutions to the accompanying socio-economic difficulties. In the DRC, as in the four other countries (India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia) which are home to more than half of the world's people living in extreme poverty, strong responses must urgently be implemented for the benefit of the population.